Health & Counseling Center




Call 911 or visit the Intermountain Emergency Room (Dixie Regional Medical Center) at 1380 East 480 South in St. George, UT.

Mental Health Emergencies

Call one of the following:
National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
National Runaway Switchboard:
DSU Campus Police: 435-652-7515
Call 911

Our Mission

The mission of the DSU Health & Counseling Center is to promote a climate where students/faculty/staff can become more engaged in healthy lifestyle behaviors through health and couseling resources, information and services.

This program encourages the campus community to strengthen their health and well-being through educational opportunities, and self-improvement with a staff of nurse practitioners and therapists available for appointments as needed. Taking responsibility for one’s health and well-being is an essential part of a person’s ability to contribute to the work and mission of DSU.

We invite you to visit the Health & Counseling Center where they have resources full of the latest health information regarding sexual responsibility, alcohol and other drugs, tobacco cessation, nutrition, and other basic health issues. Condoms are also available for free at the front desk.

Front Office

Student Health & Accident Insurance

Dixie State University does not provide health insurance for students as part of tuition and fees, or require proof of insurance for registration. However, students are strongly encouraged to consider having health insurance coverage while attending school.

Students may contact the insurance company/agent of their choice to inquire about insurance products that would help protect him/her from catastrophic health costs while attending Dixie State. Currently, the DSU Health & Counseling Center does not accept insurance payments and requires that medical health charges ($10 per visit for students, faculty and staff) to be paid at the time of services.


Patients will be assessed a $10.00 charge for missed medical appointments. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please call and cancel within 2 hours, so that your appointment slot can be given to another patient. If adequate notice to cancel an appointment is not received, the student’s account will be charged a $10.00 , missed appointment fee.

Underage Students

The DSU Health & Counseling Center provides services to currently enrolled students. However, on occasion these students may be under the age of 18. In this case, a consent for treatment form must be submitted to the Health & Counseling Center prior to appointment for medical services or mental health services.

The materials contained within these pages are presented by Dixie State University for informational purposes and not intended to be used as medical treatment. The resources presented are not a substitute for professional care or attention by a qualified practitioner, nor should they be inferred as such. DSU is not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any form of damages resulting from the misinterpretation of information contained or implied herein. Always check with a medical professional if you have questions or concerns about your condition.