Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and Alcohol

Drug Prevention Program

Dixie State University is dedicated to helping our students and employees have the tools they need to create a drug free environment. The University has an extensive “Drug Prevention Program”.

  • Each one of therapist presents at the “FYE” (First Year Experience) classes
  • We train peer counselors at a national level. They can then assist their peers and provide accurate information to them about drug prevention
  • There are seven activities each year. They always include an Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention activity
  • We have at least four locations on campus where we have different brochures and information dealing with different wellness issues
  • Our security officers present at many classes and to all athletes about crime prevention and drug prevention activities

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options


What is Back On Track? Who can take advantage of this program?

Back On Track is a program set up for students who find themselves in trouble with Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug. Students can access this program in three ways, they can at anytime refer themselves in, be referred in by DSU Dean of students, resident life, campus police, or the athletic department, and last referred by the area courts.

The program is starting with a fresh new look this year. Students will now be seen by one of the Health & Wellness Center therapists. They will do a total of two sessions for level one and four sessions for level two with the therapists who will be using an evidence based program to help the students meet the requirements for the referral and meet the DSU policy.

There will be offered two levels of Back On Track, level one will be for students who have been referred in for the first time and will cost the student $50.00. Level two will be for a student referred in for a second time and will cost that student $100.00. For more information please check on the DSU Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug policy which you will find on this website.

For students who need more help they can continue seeing the therapist for more sessions. If the therapist feels they need more help they can refer them to other treatment programs.

BACK ON TRACK – Employees

For employees who would like to take advantage of the therapists when it comes to Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs may call to make an appointment,. They will either be charged the $50.00 session fee or if an employee is covered under the PEHP insurance, they may use the PEHP Life Assistance Counseling.

The PEHP life Assistance Counseling benefit is available to members without any co-pay or deductible. There is no specific limit to the number of sessions provided for each episode of Life Assistance Counseling.

However, Life Assistance Counseling services are intended to be short-term and to follow a brief therapy model. If the nature of problem requires help beyond the scope of the problem-resolution counseling offered within this benefit, the member will be referred to the appropriate professional services.The Life Assistance Counseling benefit does not cover the cost of any referred services.

However, if such services are covered under other provisions of the PEHP health plan, the life assistance counselor will assist by identifying providers on the appropriate provider panel and discussing any pre-authorization requirements mandated for coverage under the plan.

Who to Call

PEHP has selected Blomquist Hale Counseling as the exclusive provider of Life Assistance Counseling services, and in turn, has contracted with licensed counselors throughout the state to provide face-to-face Life Assistance Counseling at no charge under this benefit.

You can access free Life Assistance Counseling by calling 1-800-926-9619.