Medical Services Offered

Dental Benefit Program

Dental Program pdfThis program offers a DSU student and their family members a 20% discount on dental procedures. Visit the DSU Health & Counseling Center to receive your card and begin your savings. There is no set up fee for this program.


View FeesDSU does not require immunization for admission. You can check the list below for available vaccinations.

Lab Services

View FeesThe DSU Health & Counseling Center offers various laboratory tests including: urinary infections, strep, mononucleosis, glucose, hemoglobin, TB testing, women’s tests, and pregnancy tests.

Prescription Advice

Prescription AdviceHealthcare providers at the DSU Health & Counseling Center can prescribe pharmaceuticals, as well as answer questions you might have regarding your medications, or “over the counter” products. Many medications are very expensive. Speak with a DSU Nurse Practitioner for details or programs that can help you obtain your needed prescriptions.

* The Health & Counseling Center DOES NOT stock narcotics or other controlled substances


STI Testing
Urinalysis, strep, mononucleosis, Glucose (blood sugar), hemoglobin (red blood cells), pregnancy tests Included with $20.00 visit fee
Hepatitis B Screening $50.00 (+ visit fee)
Hepatitis C Screening $30.00 (+ visit fee)
HIV Screening $50.00 (+ visit fee)
Gonorrhea & Chlamydia Trachomatis Screening $50.00 (+ visit fee)
Hepatitis B $30.00 (No visit fee)
Varicella $40.00 (No visit fee)
MMR $60.00 (No visit fee)
General Test
Drug Testing (urine only) $25.00 (No visit fee)
Tuberculosis (PPD) $20.00 (No visit fee)
Quantiferon (TB Gold) $100.00 (No visit fee)
Pap Smears (Well Women’s Exam) $50.00 (+ visit fee)
Hepatitis B $75.00 (No visit fee)
T-Dap $55.00 (No visit fee)

We do not offer flu shots, but be on the look out for “flu shootouts” that will be happening on campus.

*We do not offer x-rays, but will assist in obtaining them when needed.
*Extensive lab work would be done at IHC labs or other facilities in the area.

**Payment is due at the time of appointment.
**There will be a 20 minute wait after any vaccination/ TB test to ensure you have no reaction.