Prescription Advice

Healthcare providers at the DSU Health & Counseling Center can prescribe pharmaceuticals, as well as answer questions you might have regarding your medications, or “over the counter” products. Many medications are very expensive. Speak with a DSU Nurse Practitioner for details or programs that can help you obtain your needed prescriptions.

* The Health & Wellness Center DOES NOT stock narcotics or other controlled substances

General guidelines when taking prescribed medications

  • Follow directions exactly
  • Finish ALL the medication as instructed
  • Do not remove medication from the labeled container
  • Report any side effects to your health care provider immediately
  • Disclose any allergies
  • Disclose use of any over the counter, herbals or illegal substances you may be taking prior to starting any new medication.
  • Never share medications
  • Never take antibiotics unless instructed by your health care professional