Services Offered

Health & counseling Services

Medical and Mental health issues can interfere with your ability to reach your potential in your work and studies. The DSU Health & Counseling Center offers brief, low-cost services for students, staff and faculty to help deal with medical and mental health issues.

The Health & Counseling Center is staffed with licensed medical mental health practitioners and provides medical and mental health treatment.  We also offer ongoing instructional groups to help individuals increase their coping and communication skills.  These groups are a great opportunity to learn ways to face stress, sadness, relationship problems, adjustment to new situations and a variety of other challenges faced every day.

All appointments are confidential.  Although the Health & Counseling Center may be contacted by other concerned individuals (parents, faculty, etc.), your  participation in treatment will not be discussed in any way with these entities without your written permission.  Feel free to drop by or call us if you have any other questions.


The DSU Health & Counseling Center offers various medical and mental health services including:

  • Medical testing (i.e. strep, mononucleosis, tuberculosis, etc.)
  • Medical lab work (i.e. glucose, hemoglobin, etc.)
  • Medical Exams (i.e. physicals, well-woman, etc.)
  • Individual therapy (i.e. anxiety, depression, trauma, etc)
  • Group therapy (i.e. communication skills, Prime for Life, trauma support, etc.)

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Services and Fees

Prescription Advice

Healthcare providers at the DSU Health & Counseling Center can prescribe pharmaceuticals, as well as answer questions you might have regarding your medications, or “over the counter” products. Many medications are very expensive. Schedule to s peak with a DSU Nurse Practitioner for details or programs that can help you obtain your needed prescriptions.


*We do not offer flu shots, but be on the look out for “flu shootouts” that will be happening on campus.

*We do not offer x-rays, but will assist in obtaining them when needed.

*Extensive lab work will be done at labs or other facilities in the area.

* The Health & Counseling Center DOES NOT stock narcotics or other controlled substances

Dental Discount

DSU Health & Counseling does not offer any dental services.  However DSU students and their family members a 20% discount on dental procedures with select providers in the community. There is no set up fee for this program.

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Dental Discount